About Us

Love the Style - operated by AIM's Online Biz Australia

Who We are

We are 100% Australian owned company that is run as a family business - founded by a very determined and passionate mum about having her own business and having a flexible time spending with her family, especially with her little son. 

Our business started with a small number of product collections that was targeted for a certain market. We are a small local business and being small we are very responsive to the market need and changes. In less than a year, with the great support from our suppliers, partners and valuable customers, our business grows rapidly. 

Are we there yet? NO. We are still far from what we want to be. We are still actively researching more exciting products to offer you. We are still on a mission to offer better and more competitive benefits to our customers and returns to our communities.

As of 1st January 2017, we operate as a family-partnership business under new ABN 39 950 648 735.

Trading Address: Avondale Heights, Victoria 3034. Australia

Email address: admin@lovethestyle.com.au

What we offer

Love the Style offers an eclectic style, wide range product selection of good and best quality products, unique, innovative, hard-to-find, one-kind, on-trend products and technology, from hand-made to well known brands in one place at the best possible price.

Love the Style - a safe and secure place for online shopping. We offer secure and convenient payment options.

We offer products from local brands, local designers to well-known international brands and designers- as long as it is exciting; brand does not matter to us. We are very selective in choosing products to bring a fun and exciting shopping experience to YOU that (hopefully!) suits different tastes and styles.

We offer a limitless options to our valuable customers - we do not want to be stuck on certain styles or trends. It is about choices and about YOU - our customers.

If you are patient and lucky enough, you will discover a few products that are only sold in our store! We are very pationate to offer more niche products to YOU.

Our business is simple - offering good, unique, innovative, exciting products sold at a good price, supported by good service. We pass on all possible savings to our customers.

We hope it is a fun place to shop for everyone.

Lastly, happy shopping and THANK YOU for your support!!