Exclusive Membership HOT Offer

Exclusive Membership "HOT" Offer - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our online shop and discover a different shopping experience with us! We are delightful to have you join our family and be able to enjoy our exclusive membership benefits.

How to join?

It is simple and hassle free! Simply Create an account with us  - the only thing you need is your email address.

What to offer?

By becoming our exclusive member, you will enjoy these on-going benefits:

  • 5% discount immediately on your first order, minimum spend $150 excluding shipping (some product exclusions apply). The discount will be capped up to $100.
  • Based on your order history, you will automatically receive 5% discount on your next orders spending with us  "NEXTORDERS 5% OFF" *), with minimum order value of $500 excluding shipping on a single order. The discount will be capped up to $100.
  • Be the one of the first to know any exciting news from us such as new release niche items, product reviews, promotion, etc

*) To be elligible for this "NEXTORDERS 5% OFF" discount, the customer must have a minimum total spending of $500 (excluding shipping cost) over a period of time. Some product exclusions apply.

Happy Shopping and THANK YOU!

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